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Things Celtic

Welcome to Things Celtic

Our beautiful store has been serving the Celtic community of Central Texas since 1997, and features some of the finest Celtic gifts from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Celtic artists here in America. Our online store has over 500 fine Celtic gifts for your shopping enjoyment. Visit our store in Austin, TX, where we have many more items available.

The Celts

The word “Celt” comes from the Greek word “keltoi”. Many early references to “Keltoi" pertain to several Central-European tribal cultures that shared a common language base. This ancient language base eventually became some of the Gaelic/Celtic languages. In the later part of the Iron Age, these tribal cultures expanded over what is now Europe; as far west as Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula, as far east as Galicia, and as far north as Scotland.

By modern definition, the Celtic nations are: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Brittany (a region in northern France), and Galicia (a region in Spain). Celtic gifts are very popular with people whose heritage originates from these countries.

Celtic Style and Influence Today

Celtic symbols have never gone out of style, and Celtic gifts are more popular than ever! Formal Scottish kilts are stylish choices for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. Irish claddagh rings - a design dating back to the 16th century - are still popular to give as engagement or promise rings. Spirals, knots, and stylized animals - universal Celtic symbols - can be found in modern artwork, t-shirts, jewelry, and housewares. All kinds of Celtic gifts - from coffee mugs to diamond rings - can be found decorated with Celtic style.

At Things Celtic, we enjoy helping our customers find just the right Celtic gift. Our knowledgeable employees all share an interest in Celtic culture, and we love to share that interest with our customers. We can help you find the perfect fit for a kilt, or explain the symbol(s) on an eye-catching piece of jewelry. We have Scottish tartan samples in the store, if you want to find your family tartan. Or, we might be able to give a little bit of information about the origin of your family name. Please stop by, or contact us, if you would like some help finding a unique and meaningful Celtic gift.

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