Farewell Celtic Ashes

Beautiful and Unique Memorial Jewelry, from Ireland.

Farewell Celtic Ashes Sample

"It is such a difficult and individual experience, losing someone you love, and we try to help in whatever way we can. That's why Farewell Celtic Ashes was created. It was through the experiences with Farewell that we realized people wanted more from their keepsakes. Individuality, uniqueness, creativity, attachment and care were all important."


"Farewell Celtic Ashes works with those who have suffered a loss and wish to memorialize a small piece of their loved one’s ashes into a unique memorial keepsake."


"Cremation Jewelry can be a great way to honor the deceased and help family members to remember them, especially if everyone lives in different countries all over the world."


"What if your loved one's last wish was to have their ashes scattered somewhere? The risk of cremation is that there can often be nowhere to go to 'speak to' the deceased or say prayers or pause for thought. With cremation jewelry a piece of your loved one will always be with you when and where you need them most."

Please visit the Farewell Celtic Ashes website. Use the promo code "Thingsceltic5" to receive 5% off of your order.

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